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Impatient, impatient…

The new iPodOK, so THE gadget out there at the moment is the G5 iPod. I tried to hold out, but finally gave in and ordered one last week (a shiny black 60gb one). I know… I have the willpower of a Hastings St. crack ‘ho, but all the write-ups did me in.

A couple of the great round-ups (if you need your willpower to go up in flames) can be seen at:

  • Engadget – who have kindly put together a round-up of reviews of the new iPod
  • TUAW – who have put out their first video podcast… devoted to what else? Yep, you guessed it – the new iPod.

I could go on, but it would just frustrate me. I’m still waiting for mine to be delivered. I’ll post my review when I get it in my hot little hands.

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