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The Internets – The Philips Bodygroom

I thought this was hilarious… I came across it on Darren Barefoot’s blog: the Philips Bodygroom. Being a road cyclist, I’ve been shaving my legs every summer for years. On the Bodygroom site, they encourage you to take it the extra mile. Click “Where to Shave” off the main menu and then choose “Groin and Posterior“. Funny stuff.

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Cycling – The Ultimate Jersey

RaphaBeing a road cyclist here in Vancouver, it’s next to impossible to get my hands on stylish roadie wear… I just read an article in Bicycling Magazine that mentioned the Rapha Ultimate Jersey. Pretty damn cool in a minimalist, black retro kind of way. I want one. $200 though. There’s some internal justification going on here.


The world of da’ blog

Seriously, the one thing that’s impressed me about keeping a little online wine journal and culture blog is that people actually come and read it. I love that people read something and express an opinion. KEEP IT UP. The world is an increasingly small space and I usually discuss this stuff with local friends. It’s cool to get a wider point of view.

Cheers… and remember, once a day, every day, give yourself a treat. 🙂


Design – cool prefab homes

I just read an article in Wired magazine about prefab homes… A company based out in Agassiz, BC (Britco) is involved with a US-based designer, Michelle Kaufmann. You really should check these out – beautifully designed and modern: Michelle Kaufmann designs.

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Style – Uppercut warehouse sale

UppercutI just got back from dropping some cash at Uppercut’s Christmas Warehouse/Sample Sale. Very cool men’s clothing. Go check it out… and definitely keep an eye out for their clothes in stores around town.

You can see some of their stuff online at Revolve Clothing.

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Novelty/graphic t-shirts

Would you wear this shirt?One of the dominant fashion trends of the last few years, at least for guys, has been the graphic/ironic slogan t-shirt. Sure we all have a bunch… Somewhere, the maker of good taste must be rolling over in his/her grave.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a closet-full of these things. I wear one at least every couple of days year-round. T-shirts are comfy and require no thought. You just pull it on and go. Is this the best we can do though? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to feel bloody lazy wearing them. There’s no real style involved. Even if you’ve paid $150 online or in a store for some fancy-schmantzy t-shirt, it’s still a T-SHIRT. It’s a glorified Hanes with a $10 graphic on it.

That said though, one of the good online sellers is hawking a bunch of shirts for just that. $10. Add to your collection and don’t feel suckered for having laid down too much money for that T you’re lazily sporting. Go shopping –

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The loft-livers’ fireplace

Rika fireplaceHow cool is this? A beautifully designed pellet-burning ‘fireplace’. They’re made by an Austrian company, Rika. They really sort of look like a new model Sony Ericsson mobile phone, but it’s working for me. I WANT one.

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Komakino guerrilla clothing store

Black clothes? Yep, I like ’em… Great labels? Yep, they have ’em. More cool than you can shake a stylish stick at? There in spades. Check Komakino. A clothing store as art installation.


A home for my iPod

DLO HomeDock I know… I know. Too many posts about the iPod stuff. Accept it. I can be a bit obsessive. Who isn’t now and then?

First off, if I’m going to order a shiny black iPod, I don’t want all the white crap that comes with it… what is Apple thinking not providing black headphones, USB cables and especially a black docking station?? If I’m shelling out the cash, I want the choice.

OK, so what has me all worked up at the moment is the new DLO HomeDock. As you can see, it’s BLACK. Even more importantly, it adds extras which you’d have to hand even more cash over to Apple to get at home. To quote them, “It includes a 14-function remote control to play your tunes from across the room. It also includes a standard AC plug to power and charge your iPod while docked… The DLO HomeDock is truly a home entertainment center for your iPod.” The DLO HomeDock also connects to your TV via Composite or S-Video so you can even watch the videos on your shiny new iPod…. with a remote. All for $99 USD.

Now where did I put that credit card?

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