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Wine & the Internets – Wine events?

Hey folks… if you’re looking to find out what wine events are happening in your area, visit

Of course, while you’re there, you could always vote for my blog as well. 🙂

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Site news – New Contact form

OK, so I’ve been contacted by a few people to taste/review wine… and let’s face it – if there’s anything I want to make easier for y’all, it’s getting in touch with me to send wine my way.

To make this as easy as I can, I’ve added a Contact form to the site. The verification code is necessary to get around all the SPAM I’d get if it wasn’t there. So, if you want to get in touch with me, you now can. Say “hi”.


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Vancouver – Stanley Park

12192006.jpgWow… the weather in Vancouver has been nuts this year – yet another sign that global warming is well under way and presents a real danger to our future.

Every summer, my quick cycling workout is 3-4 laps of the road (not the seawall) in Stanley Park here in Vancouver. I literally do 100’s of laps a year. It’s our wilder, more rugged (and hilly) version of a Central Park.

Last week a near hurricane-strength storm struck our city and literally changed the landscape of the park. The winds, combined with the extremely wet weather of late, caused considerable damage.

The CBC News web site has a photo gallery of the effects of the storm – sad. One of my favourite things about riding in the park is the 1,000’s of shades of green that surround me while I ride. I find it calming, inspiring and beautiful. There’s a hell of a lot less of it now.

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Gadgets – my Powerbook G4

11152006.jpgWell now. On the positive side: I have a shiny new 100GB drive in my Powerbook… on the negative side: my old drive died and like a bad divorce, it took everything with it. Thank god it’s not my main computer.

This goes to show that Macs, just like PC’s aren’t infallible. Remember to back up your data.

The guys at Mac Station were great. They got my beloved laptop up and running quickly and after an afternoon of installs, I’m almost back to normal with it.

Although I almost did a trade-in on a new Macbook Pro, I managed to escape without spending more than the repair cost. If anyone feels like hiring me for a big ‘ol contract so I can justify this, feel free. 🙂

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The Internets – wine writing, UK-style

11082006.jpgHere’s a blog I’ve been reading for years and it’s come back to life recently after an extended hiatus: The Bottle Shop

Go read the hilarious online musings of Late Bland (not his real name), a wine shop manager in the UK – Very funny and well-written. Check out some of his earlier posts. This one is his first day of working with the girl who eventually became his fiancée. She knows how to deal with customers. 🙂

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Site news – playing with colours

If you come to the site and things look odd, refresh your browser… If they still look odd, it’s because I’m playing with changing the look of the site. A year with the same look was starting to annoy me.

** A note to our American friends: that isn’t a misspelling. That’s how we spell “colour” up here.  🙂

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Happy Birthday More is Less

Oops… I missed it. As of the 23rd of October, I’ve been writing this for a year now… longer than I seem to be able to stick with most things. Thanks go out to Shane for the domain name idea and the push to start this, to Graham for being the only guest writer to date and to anyone who actually reads what is my online wine and anything else journal. 🙂


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Music/video – Creepy Aphex Twin video

OK, as Hall’o’ween creeps closer, I like to find things that make my skin crawl… This video, “Rubber Johnny”, by Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin does just that.

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Media – The new Sony Bravia ad

10222006a.jpgA little while back, I linked out to the Sony Bravia ad with all the bouncy balls (that sounds vaguely obscene… or painful) and now I’ll link to their new ad.

They just seem to have something great going on when it comes to original, beautiful advertising. Well done.

** Check out the making of the new commercial.

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The Internets – Funny album review

Undoubtedly the oddest, and possibly the funniest album review I’ve seen in a while – the review for Jet’s new album Shine On over at Pitchfork.

I’m guessing they didn’t like it.

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