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Wine – 2003 Masi Campofiorin

04272007.jpgOK, back to writing about wine… I’ve had this one many times over the years. It’s a Valpolicella (Corvina, Molinara, and Rondinella grapes) and has usually been quite good – with a dark raisiny edge to its fruit from the Ripasso method used with some of the grapes – Masi re-ferments the wine by adding dried grapes to the young wine. This adds rich concentrated flavours to what otherwise may be a light, simple wine.

After having this, I’d have to say it could have used some more of the dried grapes…. The colour was nice – a deep red. The nose showed pepper with a bitter edge to the young red fruit. Where the wine disappointed me was in the mouth. Initially, it showed dark fruit, but that gave way to bitterness midway though the flavours, then finished with a peppery flourish. It’s like the stems were crushed along with the grapes an the wine took on that tannic bitterness, which kinda’ overrides the fruit. The fruit is there in a light way, but doesn’t really balance things out.

Overall, the wine is quite rustic, but pleasant. It would go well with some cheese and a simple pasta dish.

$19.99 here in BC.

3 stars

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Wine – 2005 Masi Masianco Pinot Grigio / Verduzzo

04102007.jpgRachel and I headed out to the ‘burbs to see Graham and Leah on the weekend… while there, we had some great food (Graham’s quite the whiz with his big, fancy BBQ) and some wine, of course. It’s starting to look a lot like Spring here in Vancouver… and one the things that makes me crave are some white wines. They always make a taste-bud treat after all the reds I’ve been drinking in the past few months.

The first white we opened at the table was this bottle, which is one of Masi’s “Venetian Values. It’s a blend of 75% Pinot Grigio and 25% Verduzzo from Italy’s Friuli region.We sat there, eating olives, cheese and bread while sipping on it. The nose is pretty light – both Graham and I picked up some pear, citrus and a hint of grassiness. Pretty subdued stuff though.

A thirsty sip showed light citrus and pear… and a minerality, which stayed through the short, but pleasant finish. This is a very light, fruity wine that makes for a pretty fun little patio sipper. It’s not complex and powerful stuff, but it’s meant for those times when you just want a good quaff while hanging with friends. Refreshing, simple and tasty.

$16.99 here in BC at LDB stores

3 stars

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Wine – 2005 Rosenblum California Zinfandel

01072007b.jpgI’m a big fan of the Rosenblum Cellars Wines in general. In terms of fine value Syrah and Zinfandel they are consistently near the top of the heap from California. In addition, on a Sonoma trip a few years ago I picked up a nice bottle of Zinfandel Port they make. That being said, they are not as easy to find here BC.

I received this bottle as a Christmas gift and was quite looking forward to it. Big booze – 15.5%, so I was looking forward to some warmth and full body to accompany a nice steak. Unfortunately, this wasn’t completely the case.

A raspberry and pepper nose was promising, however once in the mouth, there was very little body. There were tight tannins and a bit of dark chocolate on the finish and that was that, more bun than meat – to use a burger metaphor.

Given this and the fact that there are good value Zins like Gnarly Head and Cline California Zinfandel, this was a bit of a let down. Of course it is always nice to receive wine as a gift.

$26.99 at BC Liquor Stores

3 stars

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