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Happy Birthday More is Less

Oops… I missed it. As of the 23rd of October, I’ve been writing this for a year now… longer than I seem to be able to stick with most things. Thanks go out to Shane for the domain name idea and the push to start this, to Graham for being the only guest writer to date and to anyone who actually reads what is my online wine and anything else journal. 🙂


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Movies – An Inconvenient Truth

Wow. Have you seen this movie?.. I know it’s been around for a while, but I just saw it. It’s a profoundly moving and scientifically intelligent presentation on how our world is changing and what we can do about it. Watch it and decide what you can do.

Al Gore may have “lost” the election, but he gets more respect for this than GWB will ever earn.

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Music/video – Creepy Aphex Twin video

OK, as Hall’o’ween creeps closer, I like to find things that make my skin crawl… This video, “Rubber Johnny”, by Chris Cunningham and Aphex Twin does just that.

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Movies & TV – Friday Night Lights

One thing I tend to do too much of during the darkening Fall nights is watch too much TV. What can I say?.. It’s entertaining… somewhat.

That said, one movie I loved last year was Friday Night Lights. At first look, it’s a sports movie, which might turn a lot of people off… But what makes it a great little movie is that although it may have football in it, and the main characters may be high school football players, it’s a movie about people… and the pressures of the football life in Texan high schools. It’s very well written and on top of that has a GREAT soundtrack from Explosions in the Sky, an instrumental band from Austin, Texas.

Now, back to the TV thing… Recently, the TV show based on the same book that spawned the movie, premiered on TV. It has the same reality feel the movie had and as far as I can hear, also has great music scoring the mood. TV on the Radio and Explosions in the Sky have been featured so far tonight.

I guess this is my long-winded way of saying check out the movie, the TV show, the soundtrack and of course, TV on the Radio… you might like ’em. I do.

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Media – The (not-so) guilty pleasure: Rockstar: Supernova

OK, so I’ve been watching Rockstar: Supernova this summer… mainly because there’s not much else on, but also because I’m a HUGE music fan and REALLY people, some of these folks can actually sing (not like that American/Canadian Idol crap).

Now is it just me, or does the Canadian guy Lukas not really suck? I actually find him painful to listen to… Compared to the others, he seems like a rank amateur. I personally think they’re keeping him around for the ‘alternative’ factor. He seems edgy and all, but he still sucks.

If he wins, I guess I’m wrong, but the only way he will is if the rockstar boys really did hit the drugs far too heavily in the past.

OK, useless mass-media rant over and out.

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Food – Dinner in the Sky?

OK, I love a great view while dining in a restaurant as much, or more, than the next person…. but this site/idea Dinner in the Sky looks pretty ridiculous. Really, what if you have to visit the washroom after your 3rd glass of wine or beer?

[via the cool hunter]


The Internets – FUH2

You know what I really hate?.. Hummers. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking the vehicles. Unless you’re in desert warfare or run an eco-tourism company far from paved roads, there’s just no excuse to drive those pretentious, gas-guzzling pieces of crap. Either that, or you were born with an extremely small sexual appendage.

In that line of thought, I give you FUH2. ‘Nuff said.

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The Internets – Please Hammer, don’t hurt ‘em

I thought this altered road sign was hilarious.

Break it down!

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TV – Possibly the best commercial EVER

06212006.jpgCheck out this ad for the new Sony Bravia TV. That is one of the most amazing commercials I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m just a sucker for superballs, but that must have been a GAS to make… You can check out a Flickr set that shows the process they went through. Very cool.

The song is also great. It’s “Heartbeats” by José Gonzalez.

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Wine & Music – same old, same old… and a tonne of new

OK, so I admit it… I’ve been bad at updating in the last week or so. One reason is that I’ve been super-busy. The other is that it’s not often I find cheap stuff I like (the Paiara and the Frontignac), so I’ve been savouring those while awaiting payments from various clients… don’t get me started on the working for yourself/waiting for cheques thing.

So, while the wine has been much of the same, I’ve been getting a TONNE of new music to listen to while I work away here at the home office in Gastown. Some of what has made up my playlist recently includes The Black Keys – Chulahoma (fantastic, sexy blues rock, in that indie kind of way), Band of Horses – Everything all the Time (just good… really good), The Rakes – Capture/Release (good hyper art-punk that will be great on the iPod while I climb the local mountains on my bike in the next few weeks), The Black Angels – Passover (melodic, psychedelic-inflected rock… kinda’ like the Jesus & Mary Chain), The Duke Spirit – Cuts Across the Land (out Yeah, Yeah Yeahs the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… sexier), Eagles of Death Metal – Death by Sexy (the guys from Queens of the Stone Age team up with friends and do good), Ghostland Observatory – Paparazzi Lightning (great “spectral blend of electronics, drums, guitar and vocals”… good) and Serena Maneesh – Serena Maneesh (chaotically beautiful, dreamlike, ethereal vocals)…

OK, you get the idea. Yes, I’m a music freak. there’s a lot of great stuff out there right now… Go shopping. Get some. Like wine, it’s good for you.

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