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The world of da’ blog

Seriously, the one thing that’s impressed me about keeping a little online wine journal and culture blog is that people actually come and read it. I love that people read something and express an opinion. KEEP IT UP. The world is an increasingly small space and I usually discuss this stuff with local friends. It’s cool to get a wider point of view.

Cheers… and remember, once a day, every day, give yourself a treat. 🙂


iPod Gym

iPod GymNow here’s a timely idea: iPod Gym. Basically, it’s a bunch of downloadable instructional exercise videos that will play on the video iPod. Pretty cool idea… they even have a bunch of exercises for the Swiss ball I bought a while ago that I’ve been using as a computer chair. Cool.

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Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club – Crazy stuff ahead

Pacific Spirit Triathlon ClubSo I’ve finally gone and done it… I joined the Pacific Spirit Triathlon Club. My goal is to do an Ironman triathlon in 2006 and joining the club for the training motivation is the only way I’ll be able to do one and do it well. The target is the Vineman Ironman in Sonoma Valley in August. Canadian Ironman is already full-up, so Vineman is the 2nd choice. Wish me luck. 🙂

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You know what? I tried not to, but I couldn’t help it. I did miss hockey, even if it’s just watching the highlights at the end of the night. I just saw a replay of one of the most beautiful goals I’ve ever seen – Jason Spezza winning the game for Ottawa over Montreal in overtime. I missed this stuff… and it’s back faster and better than ever. Sorry girls… it’s in our blood.

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