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TV – Possibly the best commercial EVER

06212006.jpgCheck out this ad for the new Sony Bravia TV. That is one of the most amazing commercials I’ve ever seen. Maybe I’m just a sucker for superballs, but that must have been a GAS to make… You can check out a Flickr set that shows the process they went through. Very cool.

The song is also great. It’s “Heartbeats” by José Gonzalez.

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Wine – ‘Unbreakable’ wine glass

My friend, Shane sent me this little bit of news – Mikasa has come out with an ‘unbreakable’ wine glass. God knows Riedel glasses are fantastic (I’ve got a particular weakness for their Vinum Chianti-Zinfandel glass), but damn, they tend to break easily… Though it helps to not be romantically involved with someone who enjoys tossing them around during spats (but that’s a WHOLE other story). Now if Mikasa would just make these look a little less… umm… ugly, they’d be onto something.

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Wine – Sexy labels

Sexy wineMy friend, Shane sent me this link. Erotic wine labels… You can almost hear the “chicka-chicka pow” 70’s guitar licks. Ah, wine ain’t always stodgy.

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The world of da’ blog

Seriously, the one thing that’s impressed me about keeping a little online wine journal and culture blog is that people actually come and read it. I love that people read something and express an opinion. KEEP IT UP. The world is an increasingly small space and I usually discuss this stuff with local friends. It’s cool to get a wider point of view.

Cheers… and remember, once a day, every day, give yourself a treat. 🙂


Site note: a note from housekeeping

OK, so I have a confession here. I’m getting to the point where I’m ashamed of the look of this site. I’ve been at it for a number of months now and it’s still carrying the WordPress template that I chose at the start (OK, the photo is mine).

The whole web, CSS-design thing is what I do… I should be on top of this. It should be all pretty and design-y and stuff… Well, it would be… if I weren’t constantly doing that for other people. I’ve been working like a DOG for the last few months. Add that to the whole exercising thing… and the requisite wine-drinking and there has been NO time for me to do my thing here. Anyone who has visited my personal site knows I don’t make much time for my own sites. At least the writing thing here is pretty therapeutic… and fun. 🙂

So, keep an eye out. I’ll get to changing this sometime soon.


Design – cool prefab homes

I just read an article in Wired magazine about prefab homes… A company based out in Agassiz, BC (Britco) is involved with a US-based designer, Michelle Kaufmann. You really should check these out – beautifully designed and modern: Michelle Kaufmann designs.

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Style – Uppercut warehouse sale

UppercutI just got back from dropping some cash at Uppercut’s Christmas Warehouse/Sample Sale. Very cool men’s clothing. Go check it out… and definitely keep an eye out for their clothes in stores around town.

You can see some of their stuff online at Revolve Clothing.

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Music – The Worst Record Covers of All Time

Pitchfork is a great site to check for album reviews and music-related articles… They’ve got a hilarious article up now: The Worst Record Covers of All Time. ‘Nuff said. Go check it out.

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Wine – Il Circo – Uva di Troia “La Violetta”

Il Circo - Uva di TroiaThe 2001 Il Circo – Uva di Troia “La Violetta”. This is one I picked up for the great label – A tattooed circus lady with the vintage circling her thigh.

The wine comes from those wacky folks at Boony Doon, who are well known for their unique wines and eye-catching labels. They market their imports under Eurodoon.

The wine itself comes from Puglia, far south on the eastern coast of Italy and is made from the old-school Uva di Troia grape. It’s earthy, rich and remarkably fruity as it opens up. If you can find it (for ~ $25 CDN), I’d totally recommend it for both the wine… and the label.

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Novelty/graphic t-shirts

Would you wear this shirt?One of the dominant fashion trends of the last few years, at least for guys, has been the graphic/ironic slogan t-shirt. Sure we all have a bunch… Somewhere, the maker of good taste must be rolling over in his/her grave.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a closet-full of these things. I wear one at least every couple of days year-round. T-shirts are comfy and require no thought. You just pull it on and go. Is this the best we can do though? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m starting to feel bloody lazy wearing them. There’s no real style involved. Even if you’ve paid $150 online or in a store for some fancy-schmantzy t-shirt, it’s still a T-SHIRT. It’s a glorified Hanes with a $10 graphic on it.

That said though, one of the good online sellers is hawking a bunch of shirts for just that. $10. Add to your collection and don’t feel suckered for having laid down too much money for that T you’re lazily sporting. Go shopping –

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