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It’s 1985 again

Check this out: From November 14 – 18th, Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House, celebrates their 20th anniversary with cheap eats prices from 1985. Prices from 1985, people! Go eat.

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Best pizza in Vancouver?

IncendioMy vote, hands down, is for Incendio. They have 2 locations, but one is just a couple of blocks from me in Gastown… so tasty. My faves are the California and the Arciuto. I just had some of the latter (leftover from last night) for lunch.

What’s your favourite?

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Beer – mmmm… pumpkin pie in a glass

beerI just had lunch with my friends Shane and Genevieve at Steamworks. Apart from the sandwiches in their new little café, the food there pretty much licks. Who in the restaurant biz still puts French’s mustard on burgers?? No-one else, and for good reason.

OK, that little rant aside, they do however make some good beer. One of my faves is the yearly Great Pumpkin Ale. It’s an ale made with, what else, pumpkins, nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon. It seriously tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass, and that is not a bad thing. So tasty. It must be a comfort thing with me… and comfort tastes good.

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Joie on earth

JoieIn keeping with the wine theme so far this morning (I must need a drink – too much work!), I thought I’d make a note regarding Joie Farm Cooking School and winery. Again, it’s up in the Naramata area of the Okanagan and is owned by Heidi Noble and Michael Dinn. Heidi was a sommelier, wine rep and chef while she was in Vancouver. Michael was also an award-winning sommelier and wine rep while he was here.

I had the chance to spend a weekend with them a couple of summers ago and I have to say they are the best hosts I have ever met. I cannot recommend a trip to their little corner of heaven highly enough. They are tonnes of fun, know their stuff inside and out and serve up a mean orchard dinner on Friday nights during the summer. So much fun.

They’s also made me even more envious by starting a winery… I haven’t tasted the wines yet, but knowing them I’m sure they’re great.

Check out their customer testimonials page. There’s me doing a little bit of the sabrage with a bottle of bubbly. Now where’s my sword again?

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