2006 Deidesheimer Paradeisgarten Riesling Kabinett Pfalz

We’ve gone through a bunch of this wine in the last couple of months. First of all, it’s a Rielsing, so it just goes bloody well with so much food (we had it last night with a Thai red curry with pumpkin)… and secondly, it’s just so damn tasty.

You know why I haven’t written it up? It’s because this wine is so quaffable (and low in booze at 10%) that it drinks like pop. Before you know it, the bottle is empty and it’s tough to write an empty bottle up. 🙂

So, before this one empties out, I’ll get down to it. It’s just so tasty, folks. The nose is all about the grapefruit-citrus and lightly mineral edge. It’s when you take a sip that this wine smacks you. There’s suddenly a mouth-filling bunch of slightly sweet grapefruit juice along with its spicy and zippy acidity. That’s followed up with a lingering honeyed minerality on the finish.

Man, I love this bottle of wine. It may not be quite in the league of a few more expensive Rieslings I’ve tasted lately, but it’s also ~$20 cheaper. For the money, this is my favourite white wine of the moment.

Buy it if you can find it and drink it chilled.

$26 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

4 stars
(verging on 4.5)

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