Cycling – 2006 Tour de France

2006 Tour de FranceI’ll say it again. I’m a big geek for the cycling stuff… The 2006 TdF kicks off tomorrow morning and I’ll be up early to watch it before going for a ride.

I was REALLY looking forward to seeing the 3-week-long duel between Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso… and even the feisty Alexandre Vinokourov. This morning, to my complete dismay and disappointment, I read that all three had been barred from this year’s race because of blood doping allegations… Jesus! The scandal is HUGE in the cycling world. This is almost big enough to cause a cancellation of the race. The list of names implicated is amazing… You can see the names that have been crossed out. Gah!! It’s devastating!

It’s cycling… can’t everyone just revel in the beauty and enormity of the challenge without cheating?? Obviously not.

I’ll still watch every minute because there are still plenty of great riders left in the race, but whoever wins will certainly have an asterisk beside their name in the history books… They will have won the race in a year which saw 4 of the top 5 competitors out of the race before it even got underway – sad.

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