1996 Remoissenet Père & Fils Mercurey, Clos Fortoul

01082009I love it when I stumble across something like this. I’m a big Pinot guy and don’t often get to taste anything more than a few years old… so when I found this from a very good vintage in Burgundy in a LDB store in downtown Vancouver, I had to pick it up.

My philosophy when it comes to tasting wine is “there’s no time like the present“, so when I came home tonight, I thought I’d pop the (slightly crumbling) cork.

Wow. When I first took a big sniffy-sniff (thanks Gary), what struck me was how its nose was very similar to a much younger Pinot. It’s still so young and vibrant.

In the glass (a Reidel Burgundy) the wine is a very light red with an orange-ish colour on the edge – and that’s pretty much the only hint at its age.  The nose has soft ripe cherry, orange and earthy spice. Who can resist that? A sip gave up strawberry jam, cherry cola and a mineral and citrus-edged finish that lasts right up to the next sip. Yum.

As you might have guessed by now, I really like this. It could have been the week I’ve had, but I’m thinking that it just simply hits the spot. I’m digging it.

$44.99 at LDB stores here in BC.

4 1/2 stars