Wine – 2004 Balthasar Ress Rheingau Riesling QbA

I’m a big riesling fan. Everyone should drink more of the stuff. It’s one of the more versatile varietals when it comes to food pairings. It goes exceptionally well with everything from salads, sushi, chicken and pork to Chinese and Thai food.

I picked this up at Kitsilano Wine Cellars earlier this week and decided to give it a try tonight. I can’t say I’m pairing it with any food though. I got it nice and cold and now I’m just sitting and sipping while watching the Tour de France. 🙂

Flinty. That’s the word that comes to mind at first when I take a whiff. That and a touch of lemon.

The first taste has an effervescence to it. The acidity adds an almost bubbly edge, but in a light refreshing way. There’s a definite honeyed-citrus quality, with a slight diesel edge that many better German Rieslings have. This is good stuff. It has a nice finish and definitely makes me want to grab another bottle to enjoy sometime soon.

~ $18 CDN.

4 stars

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