Video notes from the 2009 ZAP Festival Tasting

So, I’ve finally taken the plunge into video for the site. I purchased a Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket video camera and took it along on the trip to ZAP down in San Fran. I meant to film more, but managed to get some of the festival on video.

Here’s a brief intro to the media tasting lounge at ZAP and a quick (and shoddily filmed) shot of the view of the bay.

I wish someone had given me these tips before I first attended the ZAP fest a couple of years ago. Some stuff to think about before going to a big wine festival:

A quick show of the 2nd pavilion and early trade and media crowd at the 2009 ZAP Festival tasting:

How can you not love tasting wine with a view like this??

… and finally, here’s a look at how quickly the pavilion fills up when the doors are opened to the public at 1pm. Compare it to the earlier video shot of just trade and media people. Also, to guage the size of this tasting, remember that there’s another separate pavilion that housed wineries ordered alphabetically A – L. This is a HUGE tasting folks.

That’s it for the shaky video. Don’t be scared by the purple zombie teeth. That’s what happens between brushings when you’re tasting Zins. Graham and I will be putting together our list of highlights this week. Until then, head over to Just-Grapes and have a read of what Shea thought of the tasting.

UPDATE: Viddler seems to be having a few issues today. Their site has been down and all embedded videos may not be showing up. If you don’t see videos in the post, maybe come back later. 🙂