2005 Viña Casa Marín Cartagena Sauvignon Blanc, San Antonio Valley

02102009This is the second time I’ve picked this wine up from Kitsilano Wine Cellars in the last while… and I wanted to write it up because it’s quite the unique drop of juice.

Normally, when I think of (or drink) a Sauvignon Blanc, I think crisp, grassy and fruity with a mineral edge. This is a completely different SB. Instead of the usual grassy acidity, it’s got a load of honey-soaked wheat flavour followed by a medium-long and earthy finish that is full-bodied and a bit hot (it’s carrying 14.5% booze). Overall, it is really tasty and pretty well-balanced.

Do I like it? Hell yeah. It’s a tasty bottle of wine and is completely different from the usual Sauvignon Blanc – in a good way.

$26 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

4 stars

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