2006 Black Cloud Pinot Noir

03222009Brad Cooper easily takes the prize as BC’s most social media savvy winemaker. He’s had a blog for years (The Winery Project), on which he documents the travails of being a – yep, you guessed it – winemaker in BC for Township 7… as well as being one of BC’s highest rated Twitter fanatics. Through our blog and Twitter contact over the last few years, I was lucky enough to receive a bottle of Brad Cooper’s new wine venture a few weeks ago. I held onto it until I had a Pinot craving… which happens often.

Brad is still making wine for Township 7, but when some high-quality Pinot grapes became available, he jumped at the chance to do his own thing…. and what can I say? I liked it. Quite a lot. It’s a very solid first effort in Pinot-land for Brad under his own label, Black Cloud.

The nose has the classic bits of earth to its dark cherry fruit along with a powerful spicy edge. The flavours pretty much play that out. There’s a yummy splash of dark cherry and ripe strawberry fruit followed by a wallop of what I can only describe as Chinese all-spice with a medium-long earthy and mineral-edged finish. There’s also a very healthy dose of tannins on that finish as well, which makes me think this wine could use some time in your closet/cellar before it’ll see its best drinking days. Tasty and complex stuff. Give it 6 months to a year and you’ll be really happy.

I think this is a very solid example of a sign of what BC can do with the Pinot Noir grape. Good work, Mr. Cooper. If you’re in Vancouver and are able to attend the Playhouse International Wine Festival, drop by the Township 7 booth, where you may find Brad and, if you’re lucky, a sample of this very low-production wine.

$25 from the winery – $30 in some local wine shops here in Vancouver.

4 stars