2005 Cosentino Cigar-Zin Zinfandel, Lake County

03142009As I’ve mentioned, I do enjoy seeking out some of the value finds at my local stores, and with the whole economy challenge it seems there are few more sell-offs happening of late. With the monthly vino budget being targeted for the Playhouse Wine Festival store, this one was a “must have.”

You know we love the Zin, and this is a tasty treat for the price. A swirl and sniff brings lots of vanilla with a little bit of briar and almost a bit of cinnamon. Basically the nose is really quite dessert-like. A couple of sips give some tart cherries and ripe red plum with some floral hints as well. The finish has some nice acidity with a bitter dark chocolate edge. A Zin with a bit of bite! (In a good way).

I like it. Not the fruit bomb-type, it has this misdirection in the middle that is kind of fun – it comes off on the nose as being sweet and jammy but has some serious backbone and a bit of an edge. Tasty, and at $10 off, even better!

$19.99 marked down at the local LDB store.

4 stars