2004 Vinos Sin-Ley G-5, Vinos de Madrid

03182009OK, so after a bit of a break, it’s back to the wine. I was given this wine a couple of weeks ago by Sitemasher CEO, Ron Moravek. I finally cracked it open tonight with dinner to share with Candace.

From a winery whose name translates as “Wines Without Law”, I’m really liking what they’re doing – and that’s their own thing. They’re out to create wines of their taste using innovative methods. They make a few series of wines from different grapes. The “G” series are made entirely from the Grenache (or Garnacha) grape and make up G-1 through G-6. This wine’s grapes come from the Madrid area from vines that average 120 years in age…. and that age explains the complexity of the wine.

Wow… what can I say? The second I stuffed my nose into the glass to give this a sniff (after an hour of air), I was in love with it. The nose is all about the ripe red plums and some smoke with a peppery edge. A big ‘ol sip really gives you all the nose hints at. It’s juicy without being ankles-behind-the-ears slutty and earthy without being too puckery and Old World. It successfully straddles that fence between the 2 – Old World and New World. All the fruit and mineral balance, without being too juicy or austere.

If you can find it, this is a fantastic value wine. If you’re lucky enough to snag one, it should be in the $25 range.

4 1/2 stars