Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival – “Blind-blind”

03312009On Saturday I had the chance to participate in the “Blind –blind” tasting as part of the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival. I was really interested in this tasting because I looked at it as a bit of a challenge for the palate. Many of us wine geeks like to think we are continually learning, and this was a chance to test outside of a course.

It turned out to be a really cool experience. The glasses were all covered when we entered, and we were encouraged to reach under the shroud and check by touch where the glasses were. We were then blindfolded and the glasses were uncovered.

The premise of the tasting was to heighten the other senses without having our sight to fall back on. As we went through the wines, we were instructed to listen to the wine (the first was a Prosecco), feel the glass temp, sniff, then swirl and taste.

I think the best parts of the tasting were the fact that the panel of winemakers and principals were also blindfolded and asked to comment on their wines. As much as being blindfolded was a little disorienting, as the tasting progressed I found myself becoming much more confident in my palate. Mireille Sauvé of the Wine Umbrella led us through nine other wines from Pinot Blanc through to a Riesling Ice Wine.

In general, this was a lot of fun. Something you could easily do at home with a group of friends as well to challenge your palate. Try it!

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