2006 Rodney Strong Knotty Vines Zinfandel

2006 Rodney Strong Knotty Vines ZinfandelI’m throwing my hat into the wine review ring as it were. I’m assuming my appeal to readers might be that I’m “accessible” or “tells it like it is”, for the reason that I’m something of a noob at this. Not the writing part, or even the drinking part, but rather, the writing-about-drinking part. So let’s get started shall we?

It was a pleasant Spring afternoon when I decided to mosey into my local wine shop… no, scratch that. Start over. Ahem, hrm…

Last night I opened up a bottle of said wine. I had had some of this same elixir several days ago, but on the heels of a much inferior libation called Misterio. As such I wanted to dig into this bad boy with a clean palate. Now, as an non-conscientious imbiber, I’m sure the first mistake I may make is to dive into the bottle immediately upon opening. Sorry, but when I pop that cork (or untwist that screw nowadays), I’m usually on a mission. So in this case let’s say I gave it, oh, 2 minutes to breathe before pouring. Sue me.

Now, when I swirl and look at  the wine in my glass my wife will roll her eyes and move slowly away from me. However, I do take pleasure in it and I’m not sure if it’s the whole ritual of it or if I’m actually appreciating its characteristics. Let’s call it both. In this case, Rodney was a rich and ruddy color, leaving nothing but the clearest residual of itself after doing “The Tip”. Nose was really nice, and dammit if I didn’t notice the label on the back used the same adjective I came up with: peppery. But there you have it. There was some berry action happening too, but I’ll need to learn to focus better to further decipher which of the berry family was represented for future entries. Buuuuut… sticking my nose in that glass and drawing in invoked a nice little tingle deep in the ol’ nostrils. Like Alice in Wonderland enticed by a bottle hollering ‘Drink Me’, well, that I did.

So anyway, I’m a newcomer to Zins, but I have to say I’ll be sticking around for a while. I really like this wine. It’s clean, sticks in your mouth just long enough to remind you you want another sip and the finish struck me as… buttery? Can I say that? It had a bit of a buttery finish to me, not sure how else to put it. I mean it in the nicest way because believe me, I had more than the one glass.

At any rate I’ll be picking this one up again. And again. And in the meantime hopefully improving my God-given talents around discussing wine. Or at the very least, appreciating it.

Now go buy a bottle.

Picked up at my nearby Government liquor store for, oh, around 24 bucks.

3 1/2 stars