Driftwood Brewing “White Bark” Wheat Ale

06212009I realize that there is an intersection at the corner of wine and beer that I really content to sit on. I think inside many a wine geek is an equal part beer geek. Shea, who writes superb beer reviews at his Justgrains blog has been encouraging us for a while to write a beer review. So here we go.

Brewed by Driftwood Brewing in Victoria, it had great packaging and the description as a ”traditional Belgian-style wheat ale is brewed with the addition of freshly ground coriander and Curacao orange peel. Hops are outshone by the wonderful floral aromas that dominate the nose of this dry and quaffable beer”. The sunshine draws me to the Wheat Beers and this one was new to me. I had their saison recently at the Alibi Room and enjoyed it.

A very pale straw color, the first few sniffs bring a load of nice citrus. Orange blossom and grapefruit dominate with some nice hints of the hops. A few delicious sips showed more nice floral and citrus character with a nice earthy hint from the coriander. The finish of this beer was nice and creamy, almost like lemon/orange sorbet. Plain and simple, this is an excellent choice for Summer.

I picked this up at the Brewery Creek store on Main Street in Vancouver. Their selection of beers is fantastic! I was however disappointed to see the Central City Brewing beers drastically over priced. $15.05 for a six of the IPA (10.95 at the brewery) and over $13 for the Red Racer Wheat (Currently $7.95 at brewery). Hopefully this doesn’t discourage people from drinking good local brews.

$5.95 for a 650ml

4 stars