Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe Tangerine Wheat Beer

06282009I moved (again) last month and am now living close to one of Vancouver’s better beer shops, Viti Wine & Lager Store. I consider this a very good thing because every summer, I tend to back off the wine a bit and crave some beer. Thankfully, Viti’s supply is keeping things interesting for me.

With the warmer weather, I’ve had my usual craving for good Summer beers – wheat ales. I love their refreshing lemony goodness. So, when I saw this one, I had to grab it and bring it home to quaff on the patio.

Wow… one whiff of this beer brought back my childhood. I was a BIG Orange Crush fan when I was a kid  – and that’s exactly what this beer smells like, with a slightly wheat-y edge. It’s boozy (5.0% ABV) Orange Crush and is a cloudy amber colour when poured into a glass. A gulp gives up the usual wheat beer citrus edge, but then bursts with tangerine-enhanced Orange Crush tastiness. It finishes slightly sweet (VERY slightly) and is refreshing as hell.

I’ve bought this a couple of times now… and will again over Summer when it’s available. For those of you with a fruit beer phobia – stay away. For fans of tasty wheat beers – grab it if you can find it. Tasty stuff.

$6.80 for 1 Pint 6 fl. oz. at Viti.

4 stars

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