A home for my iPod

DLO HomeDock I know… I know. Too many posts about the iPod stuff. Accept it. I can be a bit obsessive. Who isn’t now and then?

First off, if I’m going to order a shiny black iPod, I don’t want all the white crap that comes with it… what is Apple thinking not providing black headphones, USB cables and especially a black docking station?? If I’m shelling out the cash, I want the choice.

OK, so what has me all worked up at the moment is the new DLO HomeDock. As you can see, it’s BLACK. Even more importantly, it adds extras which you’d have to hand even more cash over to Apple to get at home. To quote them, “It includes a 14-function remote control to play your tunes from across the room. It also includes a standard AC plug to power and charge your iPod while docked… The DLO HomeDock is truly a home entertainment center for your iPod.” The DLO HomeDock also connects to your TV via Composite or S-Video so you can even watch the videos on your shiny new iPod…. with a remote. All for $99 USD.

Now where did I put that credit card?

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