Music – You need new music

Food, wine & music seem to go hand in hand. A couple of new albums I’ve come across that combine flawlessly with the food and wine are The Audience’s Listening by Cut Chemist (whose song is featured in the new iPod nano commercial). He’s Lucas MacFadden, the former turntablist for Jurassic 5. Another great, jazzy new album is Berlin Serengeti by Berlin’s Radio Citizen. Both are seriously good… and seriously funky.

Actually, I’ll mention another good album I’m listening to as I write this: Route de la Slack: Remixes & Rarities by Swayzak – another great album. Funky as all hell… and just plain cool in that minimalist house kind of way.

All of these are albums you’ll be hearing in “hip” restaurants & lounges in the coming months. Get ’em for at home, hang out, sip and enjoy.

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