2004 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco

10302009Here’s a producer whose wines I’ve been meaning to try for a while now. I drove by the winery a few times while I was in Piedmont last year, but didn’t drop in. They’re known as the “the best co-operative in the wine world“, are said to be the main reason why Barbaresco became a separate D.O.C. from Barolo… and being from my favourite wine region, who am I to argue that? They receive grapes from some of the best areas in Barbaresco such as Asili, Moccagatta, Montefico, Montestefano, Ovello, Pajé, Pora, Rabajà and Rio Sordo. So what better place to finally get to trying one of their wines than my living room? 🙂

According to the Wine Spectator, the “cooperative has always paid its members according to the quality of their crop rather than just the quantity. And that’s why it consistently makes outstanding Barbarescos.

I picked this up for what I think is a good price for a quality Barbaresco – around $40 CDN. How would I describe it? The first word that comes to mind is “delicate”. The colour is light and a bright brick-ish red. It literally feels delicate in the mouth – and that’s not a bad thing.

The nose belies that. It has light ripe cherry brandy, nuts, tar and a floral rose thing going on. A taste follows along that line with a medium-weight mouth-feel that finishes with a long walnut/cherry/mineral-edge.

I love this kind of wine, so I’m going to give it a good rating. It has gorgeous flavours that stay with you and it’s extremely good value for the money.

Give it a try if you find it. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

$43.01 at LDB stores here in BC.

4 1/2 stars