Avery Brewing Company DuganA Double IPA

I went down to Seattle a few weeks back to do the half marathon and given our Draconian duties on wine, I decided I would bring back some of the fine ales available at Bottleworks.

The place is a candy store for beer geeks. The selection is amazing and I didn’t know where to start. With some classic Melvins playing in the store, I found a few gems, then let the staff take over. This IPA was a favorite so I grabbed one an am glad I did!

This is a serious IPA. It has a great caramel hue, and the hops jump to your nose as you pour. (This has serious hops – 93 IBU from a blend of Chinook, Centennial and Columbus for the beer geeks out there). Some pine notes, ginger and a hint of sweetness on the nose, the power hits with the first sip. Thick and gripping, the hops are supported by some nice malt that lends some balance. The palate is full of herbal and beautiful grapefruit, candied pineapple and almost pine sap (said with a Christmas tree nearby). The finish has more rich floral pine bitterness that goes on for ages…

This is an IPA not for the faint of heart. In my opinion it’s a beer geek’s beer. Testing the limits of IBU to see how bitter we can get while still being palatable. That said, this is more than palatable and a really enjoyable double IPA. As their description aptly states “A brutally bitter, dank, piney and resinous ale designed for those seeking a divine hop experience.” – That and more!

As our beer culture grows slowly here in Vancouver, I hope that one of the local “meccas” like Brewery Creek, Viti or Firefly starts bringing in the Avery Beers. This is tasty stuff.

Amazingly I think I paid about $7.95 USD for this. (can’t find my receipt)

4 stars

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