Wines under $30 challenge

Over the last few months, I’ve had a few comments and emails from folks who read this blog pointing out that I seem to have gotten off-track from this site’s original goal.

When I first started Vinifico, I was determined to search out those really good wine finds in the $20 – $50 range. More expensive wines are great and everything – as well they should be – but the sweet spot for shoppers, at least in BC, is probably in the under-$30 range and I wanted to search those out.

I’m listening – and so is my wallet (I’ve recently done a New Year’s budget) – so for the next couple of months, I’ve put forth a challenge to only have reviews of wines in that wine pricing sweet spot. I’m looking forward to new finds and to re-visiting new vintages of old value favourites. At the end of this, I’ll post a top 10, as well as a bottom 10. That should be in early March.

Let the challenge begin.

  • Shea

    Nice, I like the idea and good hunting. BC bargains under $30 are tough to come by!

  • vinifico

    Yep, they are. We were off to a good start tonight with the Juan Gil though.

  • Mykha'el Wilson

    Mazzocco has some really yummy wines in the upper 20's and lower 30's range

  • vinifico

    Yep… and I'd love to try those. The thing is that up here in Canada, they'd be ~$40 minimum.