2005 Di Majo Norante Contado Aglianico, IGT

I paid a visit to the LDB Specialty Store in Surrey/Delta near my Mom’s place a couple of weekends ago and their product consultant, Jo-Ann suggested this wine. Being the Aglianico fan that I am, I thought I’d give it a try. For $20, what was there to lose?

Well, here’s where I give a big shout-out to Jo-Ann. This is a helluva’ value for the money. Since I’ve had it, I’ve been trying to find more. Graham grabbed me a few bottles out in the ‘burbs, but you’ll have to either have a search on the BC LDB site or ask your local retailers.

This wine comes from Italy’s small Molise wine region, which is sandwiched between Abruzzo to the north and Puglia and Campania to the south. The nose is really beautiful. It has licorice, pepper, violet and smokey dark cherry. A taste gave me a complex mix of everything the nose hinted at along with a brown sugar edge to the dark cherry fruit and a long nicely tannic and mineral-laced finish.

It’s dark, complex and well-made… and is a gold medal value find (if you can get your hands on it).

$19.90 here in BC at LDB stores.

4 stars

  • Graham

    I picked up three more today at Langley. This is wicked bottle for the $. It pairs amazingly with some homemade spicy pizza. Loads of fresh pepper and anise with dark fruit. A steal at $20…

  • http://www.justgrapeswine.com/ Shea

    I agree, this is a good wine and very good value at the $20 price tag here in BC. Aglianico is always good with pizza.

  • http://www.vinifico.com vinifico

    Yep, for sure. Graham and I were talking about exactly that last night.