Wine – 2004 Juan Gil Monastrell Jumilla

11212006.jpgMmmm-hmmm… this is more like it. I’ve had this Monastrell (Mourvèdre) before and loved it, so I thought I’d give it another go after the slight disappointment of the Cline Ancient Vines Mourvèdre.

This is a grape I really like for all its fruit and spice. It pairs extremely well with food and when done in a ripe style such as this, is a joy just to sit and sip on stormy Autumn nights. That’s exactly what I did. Sexy stuff.

Its colour is a deep, dark red, which is how the red fruit on the nose struck me – dark and ripe. The French oak the wine is aged in lends a firm vanilla tannic backbone, but that softens up a touch with air (decant it!). Mmmmm…. plum and dark cherry mingle with coffee and dark chocolate. Sounds tasty, huh? Yep, it is.

$24.99 here in BC

4 stars

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