Wine – 2004 DePonte Cellars Dundee Hills Pinot Noir

12102006.jpgMan, some of the Pinot Noirs I’ve had recently have me loving the grape. For years, aside from some high-end Burgundies I tasted, I saw it as a slightly bitter, lightweight, disappointing grape for “Burgundy sipping pantywaists“.

Not now… Wines like this are as enjoyable as any I’ve had in the past year. Its ripe and juicy berry and cherry fruit is intense, which came as a bit of a surprise – When I decanted the wine and saw the light colour, my first thought was, “Oh oh…”… but it meant nothing. The 14.5% booze and sexy fruit fill the wine’s body out and make for a silky texture… and did I mention all the luscious fruit?? It’s a smooth and slightly slutty sipper – Gorgeous stuff.

The winery is located in the Dundee Hills area of Oregon with nearby neighbours such as Archery Summit, Domaine Drouhin and Domaine Sereneheady company. The Pinot is made from old vine grapes of up to 30 years old and it shows. The intense flavours wouldn’t be possible from young vines. Man, it’s time I take a trip down there.

$50 here in BC.

4 1/2 stars