Vancouver – Stanley Park

12192006.jpgWow… the weather in Vancouver has been nuts this year – yet another sign that global warming is well under way and presents a real danger to our future.

Every summer, my quick cycling workout is 3-4 laps of the road (not the seawall) in Stanley Park here in Vancouver. I literally do 100’s of laps a year. It’s our wilder, more rugged (and hilly) version of a Central Park.

Last week a near hurricane-strength storm struck our city and literally changed the landscape of the park. The winds, combined with the extremely wet weather of late, caused considerable damage.

The CBC News web site has a photo gallery of the effects of the storm – sad. One of my favourite things about riding in the park is the 1,000’s of shades of green that surround me while I ride. I find it calming, inspiring and beautiful. There’s a hell of a lot less of it now.

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