Wine – 1999 Masi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Costasera

01072007a.jpgOK, back to the wine…

I’m a big fan of the style of Italian wine made from bamboo rack-dried grapes (in this case semi-dried for 3-4 months) called Amarone, so when my buddy Mike showed up with this the other day, I gleefully grabbed my decanter and began to drool.

Amarone is a wine from the Veneto region of Italy and is usually made from a blend of Corvina (70%), Rondinella (25%) and Molinara (5%) varieties. This produces a dry, full-bodied and boozy wine full of complexity with a sexy rasin-y edge to the flavours.

After about 3 hours of decanting, I had my first whiff… and man, oh man, it was a seductive bouquet – all sexy, slinky and swirling raisin, dark fruit with a cinnamon and leather edge. It’s the liquid equivalent of spicy raisin cookie eaten while in leather bondage gear. Jesus, it was good.

The flavours pretty accurately mirrored the nose. The structure was full and long… the finish lasted minutes. You’d be right if you were thinking I loved this wine. So good! This is an early cinch to make my top 10 list for 2007.

Thanks Mike!

No longer available here in BC, but the new vintage (2003) is $49 in private wine shops.

4 1/2 stars