Wine – 2005 Golden Mile Cellars Road 13 White

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve tasted a BC wine, especially a white… so, tonight I wandered into Taylorwood Wines to see what they had going on and this is one of the wines I grabbed.

It looked a bit like a Heinz 57 of mixes: 73% Ehrenfelser, 17% Chardonnay, 7% Muscat and 3% Viognier. All this sounds bloody tasty to me except for the Ehrenfelser – for some reason, mostly because of my younger days drinking BC whites and having some bloody bad Ehrenfelsers.

You know what though? This wine is actually pretty tasty. Think of it as a BC version of California’s “Conundrum“. It’s got a refreshing nose of lemon, peach and “minerally” stone. The flavours are all appealing honey-citrus, peach and mineral… like licking peach jam off a mineral water rinsed stone. It was tasty and light with a nice medium-length finish.

All in all, it was really quite good.

$16.90 at Taylorwood Wines.

3 1/2 stars
(verging on 4)

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