Wine – Explosions on the buds

2 tasty bottles came into my life this weekend… A 2003 Ridge Lytton Springs Zinfandel and a 2003 Cline Live Oak Zinfandel. Each of these are mouth-watering wines from great California producers… I made a basil-based pasta sauce to serve as the base for the enjoyment of these wines, but as always with Zins, prefer to do most of the tasting sans food.

The Lytton Springs was definitely from the private school of Sonoma wines… it’s slightly more austere than the typical Zin. You have to wait a bit and buy it a drink before it’ll be all open with you. Nonetheless, it’s bloody good. It eventually opens up with impessive dark berry and briar notes.

The 2003 Live Oaks is another level of fruit-forward entirely. It’s dark, open and downright sexy… almost port-like. At 16% booze the grapes were on the verge of overripe when picked. Having said that, I really like this style of Zin. It doesn’t pair well with many foods, but on its own it strutted its way all over my happy taste buds.

OK, I’m going to quit going on about these wines… wine = good. ‘Nuff said. Of the two, I’d give the nod to the Cline… Having said that… if you get the chance to try either of them go for it.

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