MMMM…. new cars

Mazda 3 SportLately it’s become apparent to me that driving a 45 year-old convertible in Vancouver during the rainy season isn’t the smartest thing to do. Thus, I’ve begun the quest to lease a new car… This isn’t something I’ve done in quite a while. I used to be fixated with SUV’s, but let’s face it, with the price of gas I’d be NUTS to get one of them. What I’ve decided to do is to get a nice, sporty, slightly utilitarian car… One that won’t use up all of my monthly wine allowance.

I went out with my friend Erin today and made the mistake of test-driving a Mazda 3 GT Sport… Man, what great car for the moolah. Solid, stylish and stinkin’ fast. Screw the Jettas, etc. I want one of these. The payments fit and it’s pretty good on gas. Now I’m just doing a bit more research on them and trying to get some reviews from people who may have one. Anyone out there have anything to say? Valid positive and negative comments will all be appreciated.