Wine – 2005 Falesco Umbria Merlot, IGT

I picked this wine up last week after reading that Robert Parker gave it (or a previous vintage) a big rating. I was in the mood for a lush and tasty red… and let’s face it, tht’s pretty much all that Parker gives the big ratings to.

Well, what can I say? Not so much. It didn’t really do anything for me. Yep, it was red (a deep, dark red) in colour. It honestly looked better than it tasted.

The nose had some coffee, black cherry, licorice and an edge of brown sugar, but was on the weaker side. The flavours were edged with tight tannins that grip the tongue (even after hours of air), followed by medium-long finish with coffee-tinged dark fruit. It was just unbalanced and ultimately not so satisfying.

For the money, I’d give it a pass. OK, but not great.

$26.95 in LDB stores here in BC.

3 stars

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