Wine – 2005 Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir, Central Coast

11132007.jpgOK, I admit it… occasionally I buy a wine because of the label. This one uses a painting by the French painter, G. Massias. I should know better, but dammit I’m both a cycling and an art geek. This bottle offered me a sucker’s trifecta – it’s a reasonably-priced Pinot Noir, it’s got a great label and that label featured a bike

Well… how was the wine? It wasn’t bad. After about 2 hours of air, the initial oak chip smell dissipated a bit and a nice nose of cherry syrup came up in front of the oak, but just barely. With some grilled pork, the last 2 glasses were positively tasty.

The colour is a light red; regular for a Pinot. The nose was initially a hot bunch of cherry juice-soaked oak chips. There was just too much of the oak. The food mellowed it a bit, but don’t buy this wine unless you like some wood with your wine (get your mind out of the gutter). The flavours were dominated by spicy oak and juicy cherry with some strawberry. Again that mellowed with time (and food), but it lacked balance… but for $23 here in BC, it was decent.

Will I buy it again? Maybe not, but I liked some of the flavours.

~ $23 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

3 stars

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