2005 Ferrari Carnaro Siena, Sonoma County

01252007.jpgWell, after finally making it to Sonoma, we realized that, flight delays and smelly rental cars aside, it’s time for some wine – let’s face it, that is why we’re down here this weekend.

Man, I have to say it’s great when your Safeway card knocks $5 off a bottle of wine. We picked this one up because Sean had seen previous vintages and had wanted to give it a try. The important caveat here is that we had been savouring some Orin Swift “The Prisoner” prior to opening this (notes to follow).

The colour is dark ruby red with some nice pepper and dark plum on the nose (showing both the Sangiovese and Cab right from the start), but the middle just didn’t follow up. There’s a bit of chocolate and some raspberry that arrives with a few good sips along with green tea and spice… however it seems to sag a bit at this point. The finish has some nice spice and hint of caramel.

Not bad on the whole, but we expect a little more at this price point.

$26 USD.

3 stars

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