2008 Wine Festivals – Vancouver is next… then VinItaly

02222008.jpgWell, it looks like the start to my 2008 wine festival season is off to a great start and about to get better. A few weeks ago Graham and I went down to San Fransisco for the 2008 ZAP Festival and our calendars are full in the coming week with events at the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival… and wait for it… it gets even better. Last night I bought my ticket to visit Rachel in Italy and we’re going to hit up VinItaly while I’m there.

You may not have heard of VinItaly, but dammit it has me worked up. It’s pretty much the world’s largest wine event. Over 5 days (April 3 – 7, 2008), 4,200 exhibitors (wineries and wine-related businesses) show their wares to folks like lucky ‘ol me. It’s going to be a blast… and I get to share the experience with my favourite wine partner, Dr. Rachel Black.

Of course, I’ll bring back notes and pictures, but first up is the Vancouver wine stuff later this week. Stay tuned.

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