Bodegas y Viñedos Pascual Toso S.A., Sparkling N/V

03212008.jpgSean mentioned this as one of the pleasant surprises of the Vancouver International Fest. It was clear that sparkling wines are emerging from South America in a big way, as almost every other exhibitor seemed to have some type of bubbly.

To the Toso – pale straw in the glass, it has nice lemon on the nose with some hints of ginger and toast. This good start led to nice creamy bubbles with some green apple and floral hints on the finish. The rep at the festival said it was 100% Chardonnay, however I read that in some incarnations this has some Chenin Blanc in it. Either way, it’s darn tasty. What stood out most (besides the stunning $13.99 tag) was how beautifully smooth and easy sippin’ it was.

Definitely a standout in the auditions for the patio wines of this summer, all we have to do is hope that the LDB brings it in as regular listing.

$13.99 as a specialty listing at the Festival’s wine store.

3 1/2 stars

(the price basically takes it to 4)

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