2006 Dr. Pauly-Bergweiler Riesling Qualitatswein

OK, let’s take a little break from my catch-up on the Italian trip. I’ve been home for just over a week and have had a few good bottles, so let’s get one off my list.

I was out for a bit tonight and had some Thai leftovers at home, so I dropped into Marquis Wine Cellars here in Vancouver looking for a Gewurztraminer or a Riesling. Both just go so damn well with Thai. I spent so damn much money on wine in Piedmont that I’m on a bit of a value search right now. This wine, at $20, fit right into that slot.

There’s not a lot going on with the nose – a bit of lime zest and mineral – but it really gives it up when you take a sip. A big dose of puckering acidity surrounds the lemon-lime, honey and some sucking-on-a-stone minerality to finish it all up.

It’s really a bloody tasty drop for the dough. I know I have all your sympathy when I say that it’s nice to have a straight-forward and tasty white after all the complex and tasty reds I had in Italy. This wine fit that bill nicely.

Now really, if you don’t like Riesling, give your head a shake. Go out, grab some Thai take-out and a bottle of this and just try to tell me it doesn’t taste great.

$20 at Marquis Wine Cellars.

4 stars

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