2004 Wild Bunch Red, California

Sean invited me to be a guest author on Vinifico.com. Over the last few years, I have learned quite a lot about wines from all sorts of people in the industry, as well as from amateurs like myself, who have the enthusiasm and curiosity to try something new and exciting. I truly enjoy a nice wine on its own, with simple pairings of cheese and charcuterie, or with delicious meals, often prepared by me. I cook with wine, use it to make sangria, drink it with friends, at gallery openings, at private tastings… I have had the pleasure to enjoy some outstanding bottles from cellars all over the world (I tend to bring back a bottle or two when I travel in Europe…), but I never frown upon something new, simple and cheap. It’s always a nice surprise to find a great new wine of good value! Especially if you like to sip it while adding it to your recipe at the same time…

This wine was surprisingly enjoyable considering its great price and the fact that I picked it out by the colourful fun label… It comes across as off-dry, with a soft unsophisticated nose and a delightfully joyful mouth with sweet Morello cherry notes and peppery finish.

There isn’t much dimension or depth, but this wine certainly doesn’t lack a juicy punch. Perfect for drinking on its own or with any food you decide to have on a warm evening in company of friends.

$10.99 at LDB stores here in BC.

3 stars

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