2007 Donnafugata Anthìlia

“Donnafugata” – (kinda fun to say) apparently means “lady fugitive” having to do with a Queen of Naples who spent some exile time in Sicily. A cool story, and this is a cool wine to boot, it’s composed of 50% Ansonica and 50% Catarratto, which are native Sicilian varietals, and has summer written all over it.

The nose is full of crisp peach and a hint of lemon. Once on the patio, a few tasty sips brought really nice peach-apricot flavours with a crisp and tart finish that reminded me a of a Granny Smith apple – a perfect accompaniment to some light cheese and bread on the patio.

In a word – Sunshine.

$17.99 at LDB stores here in BC.

4 stars