2006 Laroche Viognier, Vin de Pays d’Oc

I just finished moving (mostly) and it’s nice to have a spare minute to sit and write about a bottle of wine. 🙂

I recently bought a new BBQ (Weber Q 220 – I’d highly recommend it) and am pretty much eating nothing that hasn’t touched its grill… and tonight I cooked up some fresh salmon.

I’m always looking for wines that match foods I love and, personally I love both BBQ salmon and the Viognier grape. Well, like the Bastide Viognier I loved with sushi, this wine hit the sweet spot with the meal tonight.

This, folks, is a fantastic wine for the moolah. The nose is a textbook example of what a peach/apricot juice dribbled over flinty stone would produce. The flavours are a long-lasting mix of that peach and apricot fruit, some almond and a crisp mineral-laced finish. This is bloody tasty stuff with the acidity to stand up to a nice fatty grilled fish like salmon. Yum.

I’ll be buying this again.

$20 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

4 stars

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