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2008 M. Lapierre Morgon

11032009Oh my. Because of the whole Beaujolias Nouveau thing, I’ve avoided wines from Beaujolias for years. What the Hell was I thinking?? If many of them taste like this, I’ve been missing out. I’m sure I have.

What can I say? This wine rocks. It’s hitting all the right notes with the food I’m having (grilled pork) and is making me want to explore the region with my palate.

Marcel Lapierre is known as one of the most influential vigneron of the region and, according to Jake and Kurtis over at Cherries & Clay, he… “farms 11 hectares biodynamically in Morgon and owns some of the most impeccably tended vineyards anywhere.”

A nose of brambly red berry/cherry fruit shows up as gorgeous red candy with a finish that’s all bright red ripe cherry and cracked pepper when sipped. It’s the kind of wine that you just want to sip again and again… and what does that add up to? A bloody good wine – a pretty one, even. Pretty sexy that is (that might be my “Movember” mustache talking).

If you like wine, you need to try this bottle. ‘Nuff said.

$44 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

4 1/2 stars


2008 Rigamarole Winery Rosé

08162009Both Graham and I received bottles of this wine as agent’s samples, so I thought we’d put our reviews together and get them on the site. I think this bottle surprised both of us… pleasantly. It was both tastier and better than we thought it would be.

It’s got a cool nose that is all about the cranberry, mandarin orange and flinty stone. The flavours are pretty interesting as well. There’s the juicy cranberry, sour cherry, some lemony citrus and a crisp, lightly mineral-edged finish. There’s a bit of a boozy edge, but it’s not out of balance.

You know I’m a rosé fan and all in all, I’d have to say that I would buy this wine. It goes really well with the warm weather we’re having in Vancouver this summer. It’s a nice little aperitif wine to sit and sip on the patio and would also pair well with various things grilled (think chicken, veggies and pork).

It’s a great deal for the money.

With the Hades-esque heat wave we’ve had of late in Vancouver, the wine consumption has been limited. The search for a few crisp whites and some nice rosés has been a common theme in recent weeks.

To be honest, I generally default to French Rosés for fear of encountering an overly sweet homage to the blasphemy that is white zin. I cracked this open the other night and must confess that was a tasty patio sip.

A blend of Gamay, Pinot Noir and Merlot, it has nice ruby cranberry color in the glass It has a zingy nose of some pine notes with strawberry jam and a bit of cotton candy- things I like in a Rosé. A few sips and the strawberry continued on with some cranberry and rhubarb in the middle. Generally this wine was light on the palate and had some nice soft red fruit on the finish with a bit of white pepper to top it off.

This is a tasty local rosé. The price point makes it a great choice to share with a mixed crowd (Wine geeks and non). Would I buy it? Absolutely, especially if our weather continues as it is.

$14.99 at LDB stores here in BC.

3 1/2 stars

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