2005 Ridge Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains Santa Cruz Mountain Estate


NOTE: Graham opened this a couple of weeks before I opened mine. Here’s what he had to say. (Sean)

Resistance is like the Borg said “futile” when it comes to a wine like this. It’s amazing this one has lasted this long in the cellar. I ‘ve been debating opening this for a while and man, it did not disappoint.

We first tasted it last year at the Playhouse wine fest and were stunned at the nutty tropical goodness. Plain and simple – this is an amazing bottle of chardonnay.

The nose is full of sweet hazelnut and with hints of almond and some lemon as well.  Basically I could sit and swirl and sniff this wine for hours….

On to a couple of gorgeous sips – right off the bat there’s loads dried pineapple and apple that leads into sweet figs. The beautiful fig flavor continues long into the finish with some toasty caramel, some citrus and beautiful honey notes that go on and on.

No doubt about it. This wine is amazing. Love it. Want more.

~$50 when I bought it at a BC LDB store.

4 1/2 stars

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