2005 Moillard Mercurey Clos l’Eveque 1er Cru

When I first gave this wine a swirl, I thought some of my neighbors on the farms were spreading some fine grade manure. This is definitely a shining example of the “barnyard” character often attributed to Pinot Noir… and once you get past that, this is a neat bottle.

I swirled a bit more, and mixed in are some tobacco and meaty overtones. Anything this unusual deserves a few good slurps. Raspberry, red currant and some orange zest quickly took over for the funk and revealed an enjoyable glass of Bourgogne. The finish brings some nice earthy black tea and some tasty raspberry and floral notes.

Despite a rather odd beginning, this is a really elegant and tasty glass. It runs a full spectrum of the classic Pinot attributes and was equally unique the next day. At $21 in the current LDB clear out, it’s a really great deal.

$21 (regularly $34.99) at LDB stores here in BC.

4 stars

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