André & Mireille Tissot Crémant du Jura, NV

11042009After reading and hearing about wines from France’s smallest wine region (it totals ~1,600 hectacres), I’ve been on the lookout for any of the wines from Jura around town. This sparkling blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is the first wine from there that I’ve found.

The Jura region is located in Western France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. There are four regional appellations: Arbois, Côtes du Jura and the smaller Etoile and Château-Chalon, plus two wine style appellations that cover the whole area, Crémant du Jura and Macvin (a Vin de Liqueur).

Basically, five grape varieties make up their wines. For whites there’s Chardonnay and Savagnin – sometimes called by its old name, Naturé and Trousseau Gris. For reds, there’s Poulsard (also called Ploussard), Trousseau Noir and Pinot Noir. I could go on, but a further exploration calls for more of their wines… and I just have this tasty bio-dynamically farmed bottle of sparkling wine.

So, let’s get down to it. To me, this wine has a lot in common with decent Champagne. It’s got a nose that has a schwack of toast, pear, strawberry, honey and citrus. A sip gives up a concentrated dose of fine bubbles that give way to berry and melon fruit followed up by a long honey and grapefruit-like citrus to its crisp pear-edged finish.

It’s really tasty – better than I thought it may be, in fact.

If you like the bubbly and want to try something new, I’d say you should give this wine a try. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

$43 at Kitsilano Wine Cellars.

4 stars
(verging on 4.5)