2004 C.G. Di Arie “Southern Exposure” Zinfandel

05282007.jpgWell, my resistance came to an end as I opened this, my last bottle from our trip to ZAP in January. I figured that as the weather got warmer and the penchant for whites and roses built, it was time to move away from the big ballsy reds with a bang; and a bang it was!

This wine is two things, first a reminder of how incredible the ZAP festival was, and second, an affirmation of why I love Zinfandel.

The nose is full of coffee, dark chocolate and black plum, with layers of flavour – hints of spice including pepper and a bit of cinnamon making appearances. This wine belies the Zinfandel as simply a monster syrupy fruit monster (despite a brawny 14.7% booze that is fantastically balanced until the end of the bottle :P). It is subtle and refined, moving to lovely dark plum, some briar and again, more coffee in the mouth. The finish is long and textured, with more spice, ripe dark fruit and firm, but balanced tannins.

This is a keeper, but not for too long . It is just too tasty to resist and already has me salivating for ZAP 2008. (Hopefully including a road trip to visit these folks and few others as well).

$34 USD at BevMo

4 1/2 stars

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