Wine – 2005 Gary Farrell Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley / Russian River Selection

Its the end of another week and I had a craving for a Pinot Noir… and I had this sitting in my little collection, so I popped it open.

It’s definitely a New World Pinot. It’s got a nose that grabs your nostrils and pulls you into a vat of earthy cinnamon spice and cherry cola. In the mouth, it has a lush and sexy texture. It’s warm (14.1% booze) bunch of that cherry cola, dark berry, cinnamon and earth. Its finish is silky, sexy and goes on until the next sip… even if that takes a while.

It may not be perfect, but what it comes down to is that it tasted fantastic to me tonight. I loved it.

$47.95 in LDB stores here in BC.

4 1/2 stars

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