1997 Bertani Amarone della Valpolicella Classico

01072008.jpgOK, so I’ve been a bit slack about posting over the holidays, so it’s time to get back to business here. Rachel brought this one back from Italy in her luggage… God bless her!

It’s a type of wine I LOVE, Amarone. If you’re not familiar with it, Amarone is made by harvesting ripe grapes and allowing them to dry (traditionally on straw mats). This concentrates the remaining sugars and flavors, giving the wine a sexy raisin and fig edge to its flavours.

What was this one like? Red. GOOD. ‘Nuff said… OK, maybe not. It deserves more than that. This was one of those wines that you want to last; I ended up taking tiny sips and sniffing it again and again. It was seductive. A while back, the Gambero Rosso awarded it their prestigious Tre Bicchieri designation.

It was a medium red in the glass with a slightly orange-ish edge (10 years will do that). What really made me love this wine was its nose. There were raisins, plums, cherries and spice. Each sip revealed all that, with a spicy-smoky edge to its long finish.

Man, I like this wine stuff!

* Price unknown… bought in Italy.

4 1/2 stars